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The 2023 Major League Cricket (MLC) Players’ Draft took place on March 19, 2023, at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The Major League Cricket Draft featured over 100 players competing for spots on the six teams participating in the league. In this overview, we’ll break down the draft process, rules, salary caps, draft order, and notable selections, including overseas signings.

Major league Cricket Draft Format 2023

The draft consisted of 9 rounds conducted in a “snake” format, where the team order reversed every round. Each team had to select a U-23 player in the ninth and final round, regardless of their previous selections.

Time Limit:

Teams were given three minutes to make their selections in rounds 1 to 5, and the time was reduced to two minutes for rounds 6 to 9.

No Trading Of Picks

During the draft, trading of picks was not allowed, meaning teams had to make their selections based on their assigned draft order.

Salary caps

Each round had a fixed salary cap, ranging from $75,000 in the first round to $2,500 in the ninth round. The salary caps ensured a balance in player distribution across the teams.

Draft Order

The draft order was determined through a randomized draw held at the Westin Oaks Houston on March 13. The Seattle Orcas had the first overall pick, followed by the Washington Freedom, MI New York, San Francisco Unicorns, Los Angeles Knight Riders, and Texas Super Kings. The order reversed in subsequent rounds due to the “snake” format.

Draft Selection

Notable selections from the first four rounds are as follows:

First Round

The Seattle Orcas selected Harmeet Singh as the first overall pick.

Second Round

Calvin Savage was chosen by the Texas Super Kings with the seventh pick.

Third Round

Shubham Ranjane became the 13th pick, selected by the Seattle Orcas.

Forth Round

The Texas Super Kings chose Milind Kumar as the 19th pick.

Overseas Signings

During the draft, six overseas players were announced. Some notable signings include Aaron Finch and Marcus Stoinis joining the San Francisco Unicorns, Mitchell Marsh and Quinton de Kock joining the Seattle Orcas, and Wanindu Hasaranga and Anrich Nortje joining the Washington Freedom.


The 2023 Major League Cricket Players’ Draft introduced over 50 talented players to the league, with each team carefully selecting players based on the draft order and salary caps. The inclusion of overseas signings adds an exciting international flavor to the teams participating in the league, making the upcoming season highly anticipated.

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