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In the exciting journey of Major League Cricket’s inaugural season, a group of eleven exceptional officials will be the guardians of fair play and sporting spirit. These experienced individuals bring their expertise and passion to the field, ensuring that every match is a memorable experience for players and fans alike.

Major League Cricket Has announced the names of their umpires and referees for this inauguration season 2023. It consisted of nine empires and 2 match referees.

Justin Geale, Tournament Director, Major League Cricket. Said today, “Our league will provide a platform for domestic umpires to officiate in high-level competition watched by a global audience. We’re really pleased that two umpires who have performed with distinction in Minor League Cricket over the past two seasons, Owen Brown and Colin Edwards, will also be part of the Playing Control Team performing fourth umpire duties.”

Major League Cricket Umpires and referees . 3 umpires in different grounds

Major League Cricket Umpires And Referees Squad 2023:

Two Referees, and nine umpires including two forth umpires, will perform their duties of judgement in the starting season of Major League Cricket 2023. Their names are revealed today , by the official website of Major League Cricket .

Wayne Knights

Paul Wilson

Ruchira Palliyaguru

Jermaine Lindo 🇺🇸

Rushane Samuels 🇺🇸

Vijaya Prakash Mallela 🇺🇸

Billy Taylor 🇺🇸

Simon Taufel

Reon King

Owen Brown

Colin Edwards

Referees Of Major League Cricket 2023

Simon Taufel

Simon Taufel, a legendary figure in cricket, graces the field with his unmatched wisdom and insight. His presence alone inspires confidence and sets a high bar for excellence. Simon Taufel has won the “ICC Empire Of The Year” for five times.

Reon King

Reon King, a true maestro of the game, brings his years of playing experience to his role as an official, enhancing the understanding of the sport at every step. He currently serves on the international panel of ICC match referees.

Umpires In Major League Cricket 2023:

Nine skilled umpires unite to oversee a series of 19 matches. The enchanting venues of Grand Prairie Stadium in Texas and Church Street Park in North Carolina set the stage for this thrilling journey, culminating in a championship clash on July 30

Wayne Knights

Among this distinguished group, we have Wayne Knights, a name that resonates with integrity and precision. With his keen eye and unwavering dedication, Wayne stands as a beacon of knowledge and fairness on the cricket field.

Paul Wilson

Alongside Wayne Knights is Paul Wilson, whose impeccable judgment and calm demeanor make him a trusted figure in the cricketing world.

Ruchira Palliyaguru

Ruchira Palliyaguru, known for his remarkable attention to detail, joins the team, ready to make crucial decisions with utmost clarity.

Jermaine Lindo

Jermaine Lindo hailing from the United States, proudly represent their nation on the international stage, bringing their unique perspectives to the game.

Rushane Samuels

Rushane Sanuels, the domestic umpire is also performing his duties in this season of major League Cricket 2023.

Vijaya Prakash Mallela

Vijaya Prakash Mallela, an inspiring talent from the United States, adds his expertise to the team, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the highest standards of officiating.

Billy Taylor

Billy Taylor, another stalwart from the U.S., brings his wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to the game.

Forth Empire Major League Cricket 2023

Owen Brown and Colin Edwards will perform fourth umpire duties throughout the tournament. 

Owen Brown

Owen Brown, with his calm demeanor and ability to handle pressure, ensures that each decision made on the field is just and unbiased. He will perform the forth empire duties in the the starting season of major league cricket 2023.

Colin Edwards

Along with Owen Brown, Colin Edwards is also performing forth empire duties in MLC 2023. Colin Edwards, a passionate lover of cricket, completes this illustrious group, ready to contribute his expertise to the thrilling matches ahead.

BetBricks7: Official Umpire Partner MLC 2023:

BetBricks7 has been designated as the Official Umpire Partner for MLC’s 2023 inaugural season, adding excitement to the summer cricket extravaganza.

Chief Marketing Officer Of BetBricks7, A K Khanna, said earlier today:
“We are thrilled and filled with immense excitement to associate with Major League Cricket as the Umpire Partner for this season. We have always been passionate about sports and the thrill it brings to millions of fans worldwide. Joining forces with MLC allows us to bring that passion to the forefront and be a part of an exceptional cricketing experience. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Major League Cricket for this incredible opportunity. It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that we embark on this journey together. Here’s to an exhilarating season of cricket that will leave us all breathless with excitement!”

Lets Join Us :

Together, these eleven officials form an ensemble of cricketing brilliance. Their collective knowledge and experience will shape the inaugural season of Major League Cricket, elevating the game to new heights and creating lasting memories for fans around the world. With this remarkable team at the helm, the future of cricket shines brighter than ever before.

On a captivating Thursday evening, July 13, at the magnificent Grand Prairie Stadium near Dallas, TX, the inaugural MLC match will commence at 7:30 p.m. CST. Secure your spot in history by purchasing limited seats, starting at an affordable $30, at

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